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Shhhh! Don't tell anyone about Pacific Beach

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We often think of ourselves as the luckiest people on earth. Why? Well we get to live and work in the most beautiful place in the world - Pacific Beach - and no one knows it's here.
I know, I know, there are other fantastic Washington beaches. And each beach has its own personality along with various pros and cons. For me, our little Pacific Beach is just right. Here's a few reasons that I will share. Let me know if you agree.

  1. It's a Secret

    Thats right. No one knows about it (accept you since you are reading this) and it is mostly very quiet. Everyone goes to the other beach which is really a very short drive.
  2. It's Very Very Quiet

    The only sound in the world during my morning walks is usually just soft surf sounds and maybe a gull or two since they are usually still sleeping.
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